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I.- INTRODUCTION.- There is an event that I just can describe as one of the best ones of my life: The concert of my favorite band.

a) A long line to get in.
b) People dressed in black t-shirts of panda.
c) People talking about rock bands.

a) The music out loud.
b) People screaming and singing.
c) Bands: Finde, Thermo, División Minúscula and Panda.

a) It was a cold and dark night.
b) Too many people talking about the concert.
c) People selling food (hot dogs, potato chips, sodas and water).

V.- CONCLUSION.- In this event, I experienced almost all senses which helped me to make this one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life.


There is an event that I just can describe as one of the best ones of my life: The concert of my favorite band, Panda. In the concert, I could experience a lot of sensations that were more enjoyable because of my five senses. That is why this experience is significant for me. Listening and seeing my favorite singers on that cold night was awesome because I had never seen them; moreover, the taste and the smell of the food at the end of the concert, makes me want to repeat that amazing event.

I remember myself arriving at the “Megavelaria” in Aguascalietes, Mexico, at 6 o’clock. The line to get in to the concert was longer than I thought it would be. Most people were dressed in black t-shirts with different designs of Panda and División Minúscula, the two most important and great groups at the concert. As we were walking to get closer to the access area I could listen to people talking about their likes and dislikes concerning the famous and controversial rock bands. At that time, the weather was nice. It was neither warm nor cold; it was just perfect for a concert night with friends. On the street, there were some people selling black t-shirts, big posters and some snacks which smelled delicious and looked awesome at people eyes. Then, we started getting closer to the concert stage.

People started screaming every time that they listened to any sounds of the different instruments from backstage. From one moment to another, the VIP zone was overcrowded. People started pushing each other, and I could feel how they were trying to knock over people around me. Then, the concert started. The music was extremely loud. I could listen to people’s screams as they were singing in unison while all of us were just listening to the songs. As it was darkening, from the stage, green, yellow and red fluorescent lights started illuminating us. As I started singing with all the other people around me, my throat started hurting and I felt breathless, so I bought a bottle of water to feel better. The incredible concert was almost over.

After all the amazing bands had played, people started pushing each other again to get out of that enormous place. I started screaming aloud to my friends to wait for me, and my throat started horribly hurting a second time. The night was cold and really dark. The light posts around the avenue helped us see the small, but attractive food carts. The smell was great, but as I did not have enough money, I just bought an icy cold soda. It tasted like heaven because my throat was refreshing again. My friend bought some potato chips and she shared them with me for us not to be hungry. The taste was salty, just fabulous and the sauce was spicy. Then, as we were looking at people of all ages walking around, at some point we saw my dad’s blue car coming for us to take us home.

I experienced almost all senses which helped me to make this one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences in my life. I still remember the sounds, the sights and the smells of the food which make me want to go back in time to live that occasion for a second time. Even though, I suffered because of people’s attitude at some moments of the concert or because of my screams that hurt my throat once and again, it was really worth the moment.

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